Phil Britt Photos: Blog en-us PHILBRITTPHOTOS (Phil Britt Photos) Tue, 05 Mar 2013 17:56:00 GMT Tue, 05 Mar 2013 17:56:00 GMT Phil Britt Photos: Blog 110 120 The Thurlow Hunt meeting at Horseheath Saturday March 2nd 2013 Another long drive and back to East Anglia again for the fifth time this season on Saturday for the Thurlow Hunt meeting.

Cold but dry and little sign of sunshine until right at the end of the day, but some good racing as usual at this really hospitable track.

Dreamy George won the Members while Mid Div and Creep's took the Ladies Open to give Gina Andrews a winning return after injury.

Liked the look of Bay to Go for Claire Hart in the Restricted, one to watch.

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Country Alliance Meeting at Badbury Rings Sunday Feb 24th 2013 Up at 6.00 a.m. and on the road to Wimborne just as it was starting to get light. There for the Country Alliance day and Point to Point meeting and despite the Arctic wind howling across the chalk downs, the crowds turned up to enjoy a well organised day.

Terrier racing, hounds and the  beagle pack preceded a seven race card with good fields and some exciting racing.

A long drive home but a good day all round

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Vine and Craven meeting Barbury Sunday February 17th 2013 Early morning fog in the Cotswolds soon gave way to bright sunshine around Swindon an d the course was bathed in bright sunkight for much of the afternoon.

It looked to be a large crowd but it was always fairly quiet trackside, so perhaps many stayed in their cars or around the tented village for much of the afternoon. There also seemed to be plenty of horseboxes in attendance but the fields weren't too large and just one race, the Open Maiden Race, ended up being divided.

Lucky wins for Buster when the two clear leaders fell quite independently at the final fence in the 4-7 year Old Open Maiden, while Findlay's Fiind benefited from the misfortune of race leader and favourite Glass 'n a Half, after looking to be well outpaced two out.

Impressive Theatre Queen, with Mark Wall, was possibly the clearest winner of the day when taking the second division of the Open Maiden and with the chill just beginning to get into the air, proceedings finished around 3.35 p.m.

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The Combined Services meeting at Larkhill Saturday February 9th 2013 Snow in the Cotswolds on Saturday morning left me wondering whether to head east to Cottenham rather than the risk of more snow on Salisbury plain. I then heard there was a frost inspection so ploughed on and once through Northleach, the snow disappeared to be replaced by a constant drizzle.

With the rain and an opening race timed to go off at 10.45 a.m. it was hardly a surprise that the crowd was at best sparce and I was left with the feeling that unless you had to be there you just wouldn't go on such a miserable day.

It was a pity because the racing was good with one or two close finishes and a fine performance from Will Biddick winning the Coronation Cup aboard Mendip Express

One of those days when the promised warmth of the car's heating system almost outweighed the pleasures of the sport....but not quite!!

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The Cambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield Chase meeting at Horseheath Sunday Feb 3rd 2013 Despite several barbed suggestions that I might be better occupied by doing some jobs about the house after my previous day's trip to Tiverton, I was on the road again early on Sunday morning, this time heading out once again towards East Anglia.

I f Saturday's weather had been perfect, Sunday was like photographing in a smog by comparison although at least there wasn't any rain.

Good fields and large crowds were complemented by some excellent racing with a good victory for Angela Rucker in the Ladies Open.

Another fast exit, who says I'm "scared of her at home" and I was on the way back within minutes of the last race after having spent two outstanding days at two very different meetings.

Thanks to everyone at both Chipley and Horseheath for providing a superb weekend's racing.

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Tiverton Foxhounds meeting at Chipley Saturday February 2nd 2013 An early start from the Cotswolds, but with the sun shining and the forecast good, the miles went quickly and I arrived in plenty of time for my first visit to this lovely course.

I'd expected a good crowd after losing two weekends to bad weather, but somewhat disappointingly for the organisers, the locals stayed away. Not too many more than 500/600 I'd reckon which was a pity as the racing was excellent throughout the meet.

A number of the well fancied horses failed to fire and there were a few good priced winners for some lucky punters to latch on to.

A quick exit after the last and a rapid return up the M5 saw me cover the 120 miles in well under 2 hours and meet a 6.30 dinner appointment in Evesham on time......and have no hassle from the other half!!

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Dunston Harriers Meeting at Ampton January 13th 2013 Overnight ground frost left some doubt about the meeting actually taking place and only after a 10 o'clock inspection did the stewards give the go-ahead. Some moans during the day and on-line that they didn't give information fast enough to help people decide whether to come or not, but  for years we've taken a chance and if it was off, well too bad!! Seems today everyone wants everything on line ...sometimes before decisions are even made!!!

Good racing, on what was generally a gloomy day with Gina Andrews completing only the second treble of her career and some impressive performances led by French Canadian in the Intermediate from the Caroline Robinson stable.

Filibuster lost her maiden status when taking the second division of the Open Maiden while t,he front running Start Royal returned to winning form when taking the Ladies Open

The eight races resulted in the final race being run in the semi-dark but a good crowd enjoyed some fine weather and competitive racing.

Thanks to all involved in org arising another excellent meeting.

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The Larkhill Racing Club meeting at Larkhill January 6th 2013 Thick fog threatened the possibility of racing when arriving at the course for an expected 11.00 a.m. start and finding it enveloped in what appeared to be an impenetrable "pea-souper"

General feeling was that it was a "no-hoper" but locals talked of a noon time lift and as a result racing was delayed for an hour and low and behold, it did!!

Good crowd, big fields and some excellent finishes proved the decision to wait to be spot-on and justified all of the hard work put in by those organising the meeting.

Impressive performance in the Ladies Open by Emily MacMahon on Master Medic, the first part of a fortunate double after she was left clear at the last in Div 2 of the Open Maiden when clear leader, Silent Plan collapsed through the final fence and blew what had looked to be a facile victory.

The fog went, the crowds stayed and the horses turned up in numbers as the weather held and the light just about lasted for the last of eight races.

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Cottenham The Cambridgeshire Harriers Hunt Club meeting Up early on Sunday morning and away to Cottenham for an 11.00 a.m. start as it's expected that there will be several divisions with the number of entries.

Good run across and at the course for ten o'clock to find that not only did I not need my wellingtons but that the grass was dry enough to just wear ordinary shoes on!

As anticipated, plenty of runners and an early division but the officials kept race start times to a pretty good schedule. So not falling too far behind, and, as it turned out, a good job, because the last race went off at 3.45. p.m. and it was beginning to get quite dark.

Some really good racing as always at Cottenham, with one or two very close finishes. Quite a good crowd and many stayed on to the end, of what was a long, but enjoyable day's racing.

Back home for just before six and then another six hours of putting photographs onto the site, nearly a thousand in total.

Once again thanks to all at Cottenham for producing another top class day.

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Chaddesley Corbett The Harkaway Club meeting Well done to all those associated with the Harkaway yesterday after getting the meeting on despite continuous heavy rain both before and after Christmas.

There were a good number of declarations although in the end the heavy ground prevented the need to divide any of the six races with 18 being the highest number of runners in any one race. Quite a few horses were brought to the course but not raced due to the conditions. It was hard work making the climb from the last fence to the unsaddling enclosure after each race as the mud got deeper and deeper. My new Hunters had a baptism of reality but came up trumps!!

The photographs show conditions as bad as any I can remember, with the jockeys and horses returning thick with Worcestershire mud. Many of the runners were finished after 2 miles and had no chance of making the 3 mile trip.

With both cars and lorries needing towing in and out of the respective parking areas, the ground took a real pasting and it's going to be a mess getting on and off the lorry park for the February meeting if it continues to be wet over the next few weeks. Also around the parade ring and on the entrance it's bad, however, there's plenty of ground unused on the track making sure they'll get good ground in February, but be worried about the areas mentioned

Will be at Cottenham again tomorrow for their second meeting of the season. As with Chaddesley. lots of entries with an 11.00 a.m. start.

Let's hope for some decent weather to compensate for Friday?

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